tentative timeline for Levi in the tattoo au (any version!) up to meeting Eren

15 - doesn’t exactly run away from home but stops going home regularly. happens upon Mike’s shop, tries and fails to get a tattoo. the two sort of become friends.

16 - starts working for Mike, cleaning up around the tattoo shop and doing a little desk work. by august he’s living with Mike and drawing semi-regularly in the sketchbook Mike got him for his birthday/Christmas. gets legally emancipated which his parents agree to. they don’t like the life their son has chosen, and he’s gay, so he’s not really their son anyway is he.

17 - meets Farlan and Isabel. starts dating Farlan. don’t have a lot of details yet. I think they’re transfer students. Farlan’s a year under Levi, Isabel is two.

18 - gets his first tattoo (“il tuo sangue non è la tua famiglia” - your blood is not your family - over his heart). starts an apprenticeship with Mike, learning to tattoo. graduates high school

19 - full time tattoo artist. already working on both sleeves. still dating Farlan. would probably be in a lot of trouble if Mike weren’t a great influence in his life.

21 - things go south with Farlan. they stop talking completely. idk. Levi gets his own apartment because he’s sick of leeching off of Mike. it’s a crappy studio that he hates but he’s being self-sufficient and that’s what counts.

—-I got a lot to figure out here—-

26 - Mike moves shop to LA, Levi declines to go with him. puts off finding a new job for months because he’s depressed about it. finally gets hired at Eren’s shop Wings of Freedom after losing his apartment. Hanji discovers that he’s living out of his car and friendly bullies him into living with them “until he can find a place of his own”

27 - meets Eren! gets Spooky! still living with Hanji. will always be living with Hanji.